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Leithal Thinking Brand & Marketing Consultancy

We're obviously not the only agency out there, but we are different from the rest.

We're bright rather than clever, clever. We harness our intelligence rather than try to parade it. We don’t say ‘paradigm shift’, ‘synergistic’ or ‘think outside the box’. We prefer simple language to marketing jargon.

We appreciate that communications are an expression of a company’s culture and a potential source of pride and motivation. We get to know what you’re like, what your desires and expectations are and we harness this to create truly galvanising and rallying solutions.

We don’t take a brief, go away then come back with an answer. Clients and stakeholders want to feel included in the process, and we always work collaboratively because it produces better results.

We unearth insights of value rather than just research findings of interest. Clients often have libraries stuffed full with research reports. Our role is to distil all this, to find the liberating observation which will make the breakthrough.

We believe the journey is as important to clients as the end results. We want clients to look back fondly on the process as well as love where we ended up. You’ll see across our featured stories how we have put our philosophy into practice successfully across a wide range of organisations and issues.