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The mullet principle in action

The mullet principle in action

13/09/10 in Digital

Who’d’ve thought that the finest coiffure ever known to grace heads could be such a valuable inspiration for digital strategy? Us neither. Until we applied The Mullet Principle to the design of two internal websites and the benefits became immediately apparent.

The Mullet Principle – otherwise expressed as ‘business up front, party at the back’ – came originally from Steve Badowski, and is used as a hirsute metaphor to recommend to brands how best to present themselves online. On the one hand you need to present the client-facing, formal, responsible stuff (hence the business), but to really drive traffic and engagement, you need to put out some lighter stuff too (hence the party).

Badowski drew up his own guidelines to this over at, feeding in real-time content from his respective Twitter and Linkedin streams.

Our designs of the new Leith Agency site reflected this general principle, with work and news featured on the home page, and more personal and informal content in the Leith Dock.

And the proof of the principle was in the pudding – literally. The very first post of the new site was about a bake sale we did to raise money for Pakistan – aka Bakistan - with a picture of the star attraction, the Leith-branded cupcake (lovingly crafted by Bob’s wife).

And not long after The Guardian picked it up (albeit in a small way) and it got widespread exposure, leading people back to the site to view the fun stuff, as well as the business bit.

And there you have it: the mullet principle not only looks great, it actually works.


UPDATE: After posting this piece, the Guardian kindly retweeted it, further confirming the value of the mullet.

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