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Leithal Thinking Brand & Marketing Consultancy

Michael Higgins

Michael is one of our Planners with lots of experience in advertising and qualitative market research.

He’s worked at a number of agencies in Scotland, both as an Account Executive and Planner, and in his time at Leith, he has been instrumental in managing a wide range of research projects for clients from both the public and private sector. He is becoming somewhat of a whisky specialist, managing qualitative research and positioning projects for a number of single malt brands, so feel free to ask him anything you want about the industry (as he loves talking about it).

2 things you wouldn’t expect to know about Michael:

- He is a world-class pinball player (but not as good as David Amers admittedly)
- He can play the trumpet

Michael loves to cook and Tweet and enjoys attending music festivals during the summer months, being a die-hard veteran of Rockness.

Michael Higgins