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Leithal Thinking Brand & Marketing Consultancy

David Amers
Head of Planning

David is the founder of Leithal Thinking. With over 20 years experience in marketing, he is a renowned qualitative researcher and agency planner, responsible for creating powerful strategies for brands such as IRN-BRU, Grolsch and Standard Life, as well as for priority social issues including The Smoking Ban in Scotland.

David specialises in unearthing and harnessing audience insights, brand architecture creation and visualisation, and communication strategy development.

The fact that David spent his twenties teaching History in an East Sussex comprehensive is well known to all he works with. Few, however, know (or would believe, sadly) that he was once a lifeguard on the beach in Scarborough, or that his great granddad played for the West Auckland mining village football team that won the inaugural World Cup, 4 – 1 against Italy in 1909 (an event later made into a film by Dennis Waterman who no doubt also wrote the theme tune).

David enjoys spending time with his teenage daughters, buying and listening to music, watching Arsenal and trying to keep fit.

David Amers