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The pride of Scotland

  • Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park Authority

The pride of Scotland

Brand imagery shows the park as an unforgettable living landscape.

Place branding has been on the rise for a while now. Nations, regions, cities are all trying to rediscover their identities and focus on their cultures as competition intensifies for a share of tourism, trade and investment. But a National Park is a slightly different entity.

The pride of Scotland

The park is an area of diverse habitats, meaning that it can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways.

The Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park covers 720 square miles. An area of contrasts, the Park offers rolling landscapes in the south, mountains in the north and is scattered with lochs, rivers, forests and woodlands throughout. But it’s not just a beautiful place teeming with unusual wildlife. It’s a living, working landscape that is home to 15,600 people and visited by an estimated 5 million every year, with 70% of Scotland’s population living within an hour’s travel time. In order to maintain the living, working landscape, it is imperative that the area continues to attract people willing to spend time - and money.

The pride of Scotland

The new identity reflects the iconic landscape of the Park, it was developed working with the LLTNP Authority.

The Park Authority came to us looking to build on their existing work on their brand and to explore ways of bringing it to life through a range of branded collateral and internal communications that recognised the role employees held in delivering the brand.

Our immediate focus was on discovering what the perceptions and associations people have with the Park. This was done through a collaborative approach that embraced a broad base of stakeholders and built upon existing research. We were also lucky in that we were working with an articulate leadership that knew what fantastic assets they had to work with. Our process tapped into the ambition and vision for their brand.

The pride of Scotland

Elements of the environment became part of the branding, appearing in the architecture of the Park's offices.

Approaching the task collaboratively and embracing a spirit of co-creation, helped both ourselves and the Park create a solution that resonates both internally and externally. This wouldn’t have been possible without a process that brought different perspectives together, allowing opinions
to be shared and listened to, which in turn built a common understanding of how we should approach the task.

We tapped into the Park’s own creativity to scope the final solution. Ideas and approaches
were shared and merged. It’s a solution that today is still growing. continually highlighting
the attractiveness of the Park and what opportunities present themselves to enjoy it.
It’s a reality that exists.

The pride of Scotland

The identity has been applied across a range of communications by the Park's own marketing team.

Creating the Park’s story through different voices, the Park now has a flexible language for the proliferation of channels it needs to speak through. And a manifesto now exists built around three powerful principles, First, It’s the nation’s park – to discover, to explore, to enjoy. Second, It’s our Park – to protect, to develop, to conserve. And finally, It’s your Park – to cherish, to respect, to love. An unforgettable living landscape.

The pride of Scotland

Throughout the life of the project our approach was focused on creating a solution as a team and with a common sense of ownership. Given that it would be the people who worked for the Park, such as the Park Rangers, who would deliver the Parks’ vision this was a fundamental. The new branding creates a platform that these passionate advocates can speak from.

The collaborative approach was invaluable as it involved the Park staff in shaping the outcome both creatively and strategically , rather than having creative’s pondering on their own on “what the Client meant” or solely “what this means to me”. It created something that was owned and relevant, not dictated and this makes it irreplaceable. A vibrant and living landscape, a Park for today and forever.

The pride of Scotland

Internal engagement piece for Park employees.

The pride of Scotland
The pride of Scotland

We worked closely with the Park's inhouse designer, who has creatively implemented the identity across a wide range of applications


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