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People, place and creativity

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People, place and creativity

The merging of two organisations is never an easy task. Two distinct cultures, with separate identities and legacies, coming together to form something different – and hopefully better.

A big ask.

Leithal Thinking were appointed in September 2009 as consultants to help with the merger of
The Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Screen into the new entity Creative Scotland, focussing on the new identity and vision.

The task was far bigger than just coming up with a new logo. It was about teasing out a new culture that would capture exactly what the name suggests – creativity in Scotland. And expressing that in a way that would galvanise broadly across the extremely alert creative community in Scotland, as well as reaching out to as many households in Scotland as possible and a wider international base.

We approached the task in two stages – initially an interrogation and validation of all the internal research that both organisations had done to define what they wished to be as a new organisation. Our recommendation was that the new organisation needed to be seen as a genuinely confident body of experts that were respected for their industry expertise and judgements on investment decisions, and the jargon-free way with which they expressed it.

People, place and creativity

The identity reflects creativity, the land and its people and forms a shorthand visual signature of C and S.

The creative expression of this vision was driven by a desire to be as creative as the community served and to be as collaborative as possible in our approach to the creative solution. The solution finally decided upon – with a square and a circle forming the words Creative - Scot - Land - was driven by a desire to capture the linked concepts of people, place and creativity. A vision cherised by the new head of the organisation, Andrew Dixon. It’s inventive and surprising. What it also does is to create a subtle ‘C’ and ‘S’ abbreviation for the organization. Some people will notice it straight away others may not.

The geometric shapes of the circle and square represent the building blocks of visual form.
They are familiar, but placed in this context become contemporary symbols working in partnership. They can also function on their own, outside of the marque and this will be revealed as the identity is brought to life.

People, place and creativity

The identity provides a platform to showcase artists and place their work in the Scottish Landscape.


We talked to leading practitioners of the arts across the spectrum in Scotland, who helped guide us to the final solution, refining and improving the chosen concept. Thanks to all of them.

The final logo is flexible enough to allow the two letters to act as content holders for work – art of whatever type – so shining the torch onto the creativity that Scotland can be justly proud of, rather than celebrating the organisation itself. We believe it’s consistent with the new organisations desire to be genuinely different, challenging and authoritative.

People, place and creativity

We want the new identity to be noticed, getting people talking about it is important, but the most important aspect is wanting people to own it, understand what it represents and feel part of it.

People, place and creativity

The identity is adaptable, creating a rich and varied visual language.

People, place and creativity
People, place and creativity

A creative interpretation of the identity. 'Event Sociologique'. Ink & pencil on paper. Rik Hammond 2010


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