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Illuminating Dundee. Illuminating the world.

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Illuminating Dundee. Illuminating the world.

Imagery reveals a high achieving, innovative city.

Place branding is all around us at the moment, whether it be a country, region or city. Each and every one are focusing on their identities and culture as competition intensifies for a share of tourism, trade, investment or people.

Having the opportunity to create an identity for a city is both challenging and exciting. The challenge was to find something that allowed Dundee to recognize its past yet be firmly placed in the reality of today. Dundee is a contemporary, transforming centre with a spirit of reinvention at it’s very heart, our work would focus on the attributes that supported this.

Enjoy, enrich and excel. The spark that is Dundee is told through its ambassadors.

The excitement would come through working with a passionate and inspiring community of individuals, companies, organisations and universities who embraced every aspect of the project. The people that live there genuinely believe that it’s the greatest place to live and work and have created a vision and ambitions for the city which stretch further than their locality. Our identity would also support business as well as every aspect of economic growth for the city.

Moving away from Jute, Jam and Journalism.

Dundee’s foremost key strength is its excellence in certain ‘niche’ industries and in the past these were the three J’s; Jute, Jam and Journalism. It also had a strong folklore surrounding the success of local heroes. The Dundee you find today has worked hard to earn a global reputation in other niche’s, life sciences and digital media to name but two, fostering a genuine culture for innovation.

Illuminating Dundee. Illuminating the world.

Illuminating Dundee, Illuminating our world.

Working with a wide group stakeholders can be difficult, but in Dundee’s case it was enlightening. From the students of the city's universities through to leading businessman one constant theme continually presented itself, that Dundee is a city that has built and transformed itself around discoveries. It was a short step that led us to our proposition: Dundee ignites a spark in everyone which encourages them to discover all life has to offer.

From the pride felt by the average Dundonian who has seen the city change over the past decades and is fully enjoying the quality of life they have there. To inspiring and engaging people in Dundee who might not have any knowledge of or exposure to the potential of their city. To highlighting the creative stimulus Dundee provides, which has led to world-leading ideas.

This was defined by a single line. One city, many discoveries.

Illuminating Dundee. Illuminating the world.

We then turned our attention to capturing and creating a series of illuminating stories about the city that would challenge perceptions and confirm the reality. We worked closely with people to release Dundee’s own voice to scope the output. This manifested itself  in different ways, one example was a creative project run with 2nd and 3rd year students at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design another using ambassadors such as Brian Cox and Lorraine Kelly, passionate advocates for the city . And it’s something that is still growing today. By involving the people of Dundee there is a self-generating energy and pride with a momentum that is contining since launch.

Illuminating Dundee. Illuminating the world.

Illuminating Gaming & Learning, campaign advertising.

Illuminating Dundee. Illuminating the world.

A new business brochure that communicates the opportunities for retail investors.

Illuminating Dundee. Illuminating the world.

Brand imagery reveals Dundee's innovative centres. DCA Galleries.


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