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Sharing passions

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Sharing passions

When most people think of the Edinburgh Festival, they probably think of The Fringe or the other Festivals in August. But, there are actually 12 Festivals across the year covering a whole range of events, arts and science, each aiming to deliver outstanding experiences to their particular audiences. In order to remain competitive and continue to attract more visitors, especially from new markets, it was agreed that the Festivals should work together to develop an overarching communications strategy.

The objectives were clear:

      - Turn awareness and interest into visits
      - Use the fame of the bigger festivals to help the smaller ones
      - Maximise the overlap between Festival audiences

Sharing passions

The identity is designed to reflect the experiences the Festivals offer.

Sharing passions

It can be adapted and owned by each festival.

To achieve these objectives required not only a powerful new marketing strategy but also a unifying new verbal and visual identity. Leithal Thinking developed a collaborative strategic approach which included stakeholder depths, workshops and focus groups to develop a strategic plan. At its heart was a single brand which reflected the current perceptions of considerers, with multiple Festival members telling different stories about Edinburgh. It was a content driven strategy built around creating word-of-mouth and using web, editorial and broadcast.

The core proposition at the heart of the plan was:

A shared passion for arts, culture and ideas in an iconic city.

The role of the brand was to act as a ‘trusted guide’.

Sharing passions

Audience insight revealed that there were 4 key UK segments to aim for: in Scotland, Upper Echelons and Urban Sophisticates and, in England, Symbols of Success and Urban Intelligence. A rich amount of data about these segments has enabled us to reach the right people, with the right messages in the right media.

Central to the communications strategy’s success was the foundation of a central portal at which contains multi-media festival content and segmented guides to enable people to make the most of their festival experience.

Sharing passions


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