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Connecting Scottish networks worldwide

  • Scottish Government

Connecting Scottish networks worldwide

People showing their support for St Andrew's Day with a Twibbon badge is a national gateway, the first port of call for anyone looking to find out about visiting, working, studying or living in Scotland. The site has always been successful, receiving visits from all over the world, but it was felt there were opportunities to reach out to potential visitors in new ways. We were tasked with helping to bring Scotland alive across social networks worldwide, increasing traffic and engagement with the site and its stakeholders.


Reaching out to Scotophiles worldwide.

The starting point to establishing a credible social network presence was centered around publicising Scotland’s national holidays, St Andrew’s Day and Burns’ Night.

Based on the target audience and locations, Facebook was identified as the primary channel for communication, and after setting up and skinning the respective Pages, a global community was quickly established generating nearly 10,000 Fans. The campaigns also generated large amounts of social engagement, with 1000s of interactions from all over the world, particularly from the key target countries.

Connecting Scottish networks worldwide

The globe icon and ribbon device used on Twitter.

We also created, skinned and managed Twitter and Twibbon accounts for each, helping to distribute content, awareness and engagement further. On the day of St Andrew’s Day, pages were the two most popular links shared on the subject on Twitter.

The strategy for both campaigns followed a similar process:

Get the basics right
Create identity, naming and set-up for social network destination.

Get creative
Use creative ideas to build interest and engagement

Get social 
Update, comment, tweet, like, reply, rate and upload like mad to generate a buzz and interaction

As a result of this there’s now a large legacy of connected ‘fans’, which can be built on year on year, and can be contacted for campaigns through the year. The campaign ultimately generated a significant rise in traffic to the website, with visits on St Andrew’s Day double on the previous year. 

Connecting Scottish networks worldwide

A photo contribution to the Facebook Page

As well as hard stats, the campaigns also produced some great UGC (user generated content) with social stories attached. As the father of the boy above noted in his comment when he uploaded this photo to the campaign page, "My son is in the middle wearing the hat, proving that being Scottish is much more than being ginger, having a funny accent and following a woeful football team." We couldn't have put it better ourselves.


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