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Bring on the sunshine

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Bring on the sunshine


How Sol found a liberating, new positioning

All clients get close to their brands and evangelise about them, and so they should. But, often, this closeness comes at a price. In particular, whereas consumers usually take brands at face value, making quick judgements about them, a brand manager spends ages analysing the brand, marvelling at nuances. A gap develops between the real world view of the brand and the brand manager’s under-the-microscope assessment.

And this process of over analysis is largely driven by a perceived need for elaborate brand architecture. Having an architectural structure – be it a wheel, an onion, a diamond or the good-old-faithful triangle – forces everyone to deconstruct brands and then rearrange multiple elements into a neat and theoretical framework. Doing so provides a sense of reassurance and brand pride. But, somewhere in the process, a brand can become lost.

By the brand team’s own admission, this is exactly what happened to Sol before they approached us. The brand proposition – Intensify Your Fun – was generic and impractical for beer marketing, given the current regulations. The distinctive elements of the brand had somehow got lost in the process; neither the word Mexican nor Sunshine were in the brand architecture. The client realised that they had become too close and needed an outside perspective. We were invited to look at the brand afresh.

We developed a simple process to explore the brand.
     - Client and sales team workshop to explore their views
     - Interviews with bar staff to get a simple Face Value snapshot
     - Focus groups with Sol drinkers and potential drinkers
     - An interactive client feedback session

The key insight we identified were:
     - Drinkers and bar staff thought Sol was a 'Corona Me Too.' But the truth is, Sol is the
       original Mexican beer
     - Drinkers know Corona is Mexican but the heritage of Sol was less known, with some
       thinking it’s from Spain
     - Discerning drinkers and bar staff rate Sol more highly than Corona, which they see
       as being a fashion brand.

The Mexican/ Mediterranean style beers, light and easy to drink, are all about sunshine. And Sol is the embodiment of these qualities. When we revealed the brand truths in the groups, and encouraged drinkers to compare the Sol product with Corona’s, people began to re appraise the brand more favourably.

These insights led us to our recommended new positioning:
Sol. The original Mexican Sunshine Beer

And, with all good positionings/propositions, it was a short walk from here to a creative expression, capturing Mexican authenticity and sunshine in a youthful, contemporary way.

Bring on the sunshine

Sunshine became the embodiment of everything the brand stood for.

Bring on the sunshine

Executions were brought to life across various outdoor media.

Bring on the sunshine

A series of branded events, Sol Sets were created.

Bring on the sunshine

A Sol website continued the experience online.


  • Workshops
  • Insight generation
  • Brand communications